The Day We Meet (Ficlet: Special EXO 2nd Anniversary)


BYoon present 

✘ The Day We Meet ✘

Starring by EXO’s Lay and SNSD’s Hyeoyeon 

Genre: Friendship | Rating: Teen | Length: Ficlet 

Attention! This story is mine but all cast belongs to their agency. Don’t copycat and plagiat without permission! Sorry for typo and bad story. 

Silent readers? Go away! 🙂

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Title : OOPSS !!

Author : Kim Tae_Ah

Genre : Romance,Angst and friendship.

Rating : PG-15

Poster by : PearlshapireBlue ^_^

Length : OneShot

Main Cast : Lay Exo M

Hyoyeon SNSD

Support Cast : (find it in the story)

Dislamer : This story is from my mind and cast just belong from God.

Note : Don’t Bas !! Don’t Copas !! Don’t be silent readers ^_^ terinspirasi dari lagu dan MV! G.NA-Oops! Baca lebih lanjut

What’s Your Name ?


Hai para readers author bawa FF ngaje lagi nih 😀

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Title : What’s Your Name ?

Author : Kim Tae_Ah

Genre : Romance,Friendship,and Mistery(?).

Rating : PG-13+

Poster by : IntanKirana34 €€

Main Cast : -Lay Exo M

-D.O Exo K

Hyoyeon SNSD

Support Cast : (Find it in the story)

Disclamer : Hasil pemikiran sendiri !! dan terinspirasi dari MV 4minute-what’s your name?

Note : DON’T BASH !! DON’T COPAS!! DON’T BE SILENT READERS !! Baca lebih lanjut